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10:45 Opening Session
Chair: Kensuke Nishioka (University of Miyazaki)
Opening Declaration
Kensuke Nishioka, University of Miyazaki
Announcement of the Continuity of CPV-x
Kenji Araki, University of Miyazaki
Welcome Speech TPV-13
Makoto Shimizu, Tohoku University, Alejandro Datas, IES-UPM, Rodolphe Vaillon, IES - CNRS - Uni Montpellier
Instruction of the Conference System
Beatrix Feuerbach, Conexio-PSE
11:00 Micro CPV
Chair: Daisuke Sato (Nagaoka University of Technology), Rüdiger Löckenhoff (Azur Space)
Science in Micro-CPV
Maike Wiesenfarth, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE
Influence of the Thermally Induced Deflection of a Space Micro-Concentrator Photovoltaic Array on its Optical Performances using Finite Element Method
Victor Vareilles, CEA
Experimental Characterization of Micro-Optics for Integrated Tracking Included in HIPERION micro-CPV Modules
Guido Vallerotto, Instituto de Energía Solar (IES)
High Efficiency Roof-Top Solar: Progress and Pilot Installation in the Hiperion Project
Steve Askins, Instituto de Energia Solar - UPM
Effects of Manufacturing Tolerances on Micro-CPV Module Efficiency
Elisa Kaiser, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE
On the Effect of Misalignment Distributions on the I-V Curve of Micro-CPV Modules
Luis Javier San José, Instituto de Energía Solar, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
13:00 Lunch Break
13:30 CPV Technologies
Chair: Maria Martinez (ISFOC) & Victor Vareilles (CEA) & Kareem Younes (Khalifa University)
Energy Yield Modeling of 5J Solar Cell Based CPV Modules
Marc Steiner, Fraunhofer ISE
First Feedback from a CPV Plant in a Nordic Location, Québec, Canada
Mehdi Talebi, Institut Interdisciplinaire d′Innovation Technologique (3IT), Université de Sherbrooke
Design and Analysis of Hybrid Concentrator Photovoltaic Module Combining Low-Concentration Static Lens and Luminescent Solar Concentrator for Automobile Applications
Daisuke Sato, Nagaoka University of Technology
A Highly Efficient, Low-Cost Hybrid Module, Combining Multijunction and Silicon PV Cells
James Roger Angel, homeUniversity of Arizona
Electronic Network Simulation of 5-Junction Solar Cells and Impacts on the Ideal Current Matching
Ruediger F. Loeckenhoff, AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH
High-Concentration Freeform Microtracking Concentrators with Single-Axis External Tracking
Håkon J. D. Johnsen, NTNU, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
A Universal Solar Tracker Controller
Ruediger Loeckenhoff, Private Research
Output Analysis of Plastic-integrated Concentrating Photovoltaic Modules under Outdoor Operation
Taichi Uno, University of Miyazaki
15:50 Poster Session
Chair: Kenji Araki (University of Miyazaki)
Multi-Terminal Three-Junction Solar Cells for Sub-Cells Characterization
Farah Ayari, Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation (3IT)
Terrestrial Solar Electric Power 24 Hours Per Day from Space Using 40% Efficient Gasb Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) Cells
Lewis Fraas, JX Crystals Inc
Measurement of III-V CPV Solar Cell Non-Linearity in the 1x to 1024x Light Concentration Range
Ruediger F. Loeckenhoff, AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH
GaAs Vertical-Tunnel-Junction Power Converter for Ultra-High Light Intensities
Celia Outes, University of Jaén
Towards Directly Growing Arrays of Micro-Solar Cells In-Situ for Micro-Concentrator Applications
Ricardo Poeira, University of Luxembourg
Consideration for Importance of Concentrating Photovoltaics for Creation of Future Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission Energy Systems
Masafumi Yamaguchi, Toyota Technological Institute
Novel Module Configurations Based on Multiple Concentrator Units and Optical Guides Towards High-Performance Ultra-High CPV Systems
María de los Angeles Ceballos Pérez, University of Jaén
Smart Solar Concentrator Building Integrated for Nearly-Zero Energy Buildings
Daniel Chemisana, University of Lleida
Estimating the Thermal Characteristics of Transparent Concentrator Photovoltaic Module
Yasuyuki Ota, University of Miyazaki
Optical, Electrical, and Thermal Characterization of a Novel Tracking-Integrated Semi-Transparent CPV Module
Kareem Faisal Younes and Majed Bin Saad
Spot Size Experiments with Diffractive Optical Elements on Glass Lenses: Correction of Chromatic Aberration
Ralf Leutz, leopil - Leutz Optics and Illumination UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Comparative Analysis of Control Strategies for the Reduction of Tracking Error in CPV Systems
Sergio Isai Palomino-Resendiz, Instituto Politécnico Nacional –ESIME-ZAC. Departamento de Control y Automatización
FNX an Innovative Tangential Solar Tracker
Paolo Valente, VT Energy Innovation
Solar Electric Power 24 hrs per day Using 40% Efficient GaSb CPV Modules
Lewis Fraas, JX Crystals Inc
Generation of H2 from CPV sources
Maria Martinez, ISFOC
Prediction of PPFD (photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) Under Transparent CPV Modules
Teruya Toyoda, University of Miyazaki
Indoor Measurements of Hybrid MJ Solar Cell and Thermoelectric Generator Receiver
Alvaro Valera Albacete, Advances in PhotoVoltaic Technology (AdPVTech), Universidad de Jaén
Evaluation of Thermoelectric Properties of N-type (Cu1-xAgx)2ZnSnS4
Kouichi Okamoto, University of Miyazaki
Enhanced Radiative Absorption Distribution in Near-Field Thermophotovoltaic System with Multilayer Emitter
Bowen Li, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Nanospacer Configurations for Large-Area Near-Field Thermal Converters
Esther Lopez, Instituto de Energía Solar, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Wide Band High Level Thermal Radiation Emission of Highly Doped Black Silicon
Georges Hamaoui, ESYCOM Lab, Univ Gustave Eiffel, CNRS
Punctual Contact Formation in Ge for the Development of Interdigitated Back Contacted Thermophotovoltaic Cells
Alba Jiménez Pagán, Instituto de Energía Solar, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Prototype Trial of a Thermophotovoltaic System for Industrial Waste Heat Recovery
Graham Buckley, Technical University Dublin
16:30 Speed Dating
Speed dating is the quick (three to five minutes) discussion of three to five people by shaffling the members in every trigger. It is intended to meet as many people in different communities as possible and encourage speaking and discussing in a limited time. The theme of the meeting on the first day is "Warm-up session for the open discussion tomorrow." The dating organizer gives you two questions and shuffles the members. The first question is, "What is the future of CPV industries and technologies?" The second question is, "Do you find any solutions?"